All of our services are in contemporary English. Our liturgical texts are translated from the original Greek texts of the Apostoliki Diaconia of the Church of Greece, printed in Athens 1964, and cross-referenced with the text of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, printed in Jerusalem 1892.

Regarding our translations at Holy Cross:

All liturgical translations must be accurate translation of the original ancient Church Greek Texts, translated into a poetic, precise, beautiful and easily understood language, . . for us in Australia, and indeed around the world, the common language is English. A sense of rhythm and sound of language must accommodate for the hymnody to be chanted and/or sung.
[Archimandrite Lazarus (Moore) of blessed memory]

It is through the liturgical texts, that the ordinary worshipper comes into contact with the theological understanding of Holy Tradition, as it is expressed both in Scripture, and in the Church Fathers.
[Archimandrite Efrem, of blessed memory, UK]

There are many English translations of Orthodox Services and hymnody, offered by heterodox (non-Orthodox), pretenders, and well-meaning Orthodox. We must avoid translations that have heresy, kako-Orthodoxy, un-Orthodox Scripture references, that are slanted toward incorrect doctrine/dogma, and, . . an outright foolish non-Orthodox mind-set that gives rise to innovations and distortions of the Faith.

We at Holy Cross have followed (to our best efforts) the directives of Fr Lazarus and his vision in translating holy Orthodoxy hymnody, since 1984.
Memory eternal our most beloved monastic.


Saturday, 1 June 2024[Martyr Patrick of Prussia] Paschal Hour & Great Vespers3:30pm
Sunday, 2 June 2024[5th Sunday of Pacha, Fotini the Samaritan Woman] Sunday Matins & Paschal Hour; Typika8:30am
Saturday, 8 June 2024[5th Saturday of Pascha; Apostle Karpos] Matins & Paschal Hour; Liturgy; [Fr Theophilos]8:30am
Sunday, 9 June 2024[6th Sunday of Pacha, the Blind man] Sunday Matins & Paschal Hour; Typika8:30am
Saturday, 15 June 2024[After-feast of Ascension] Ninth Hour & Great Vespers; Compline3:30pm
Sunday: 16 June 2024[Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council] Sunday Matins & First Hou; Typika8:30am
Saturday 22nd June[Soul Saturday] Pan-nahyda; Great Vespers; Compline3:30pm
Sunday 23 June[Feast of Pentekost] Sunday Matins & 1st Hour; Typika 8.30 AM [Followed by Sunday Vespers with Prostration Prayers]8:30am
Saturday 29 June[Apodosis of Pentekost] Matins & 1st Hour; Liturgy; [Fr Theophilos]8:30am
Sunday 30 Jun[All Saints] Midnight Office & 6th Hour; Typika9:00am