It is the will and desire of the of the Lord that: “All people be saved and come to the full knowledge of the Truth,”          [1 Timothy 2:4] and, we encourage everyone who seeks to enter the Ark of Salvation, to “come and see” [John 1:46], “that the Lord is Good.” [Psalm 33:9 LXX; 1 Peter 2:3]

Our invitation is open to everyone to join us in our times of communal worship which is not ethno-specific but monastic and Orthodox. After our Sunday services, we gather for Trapeza, where we partake of light food and drinks. It is a time to ask questions and get answers regarding the Faith, salvation, hymnody, scripture, and Church doctrine. It is a time to learn the mind of the Church and how we are to live it and put into practise Holy Tradition as we serve in one another.


Partaking of the Mysteries of the Church

Holy Communion and Mysteries of the Church are not automatically given to everyone who attends. If you are unsure of your standing, we recommend and prefer, that you make an appointment for a time other than Sunday morning, so as not to disrupt the continuity of the Services.


Donations and Tax Deductibility

Holy Cross Australian Orthodox Mission, Inc., is a non-profit organisation and a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). This means that, all gifts to Holy Cross, of money, materials and in kind, are generally tax-deductible for Australian tax-payers*, and a receipt will be provided for this purpose.

We do not have a ‘collection plate’ or solicit funds in any ‘fund raising’ activity.

Should anyone desire to donate, they can do so by direct deposit, or use the Mission’s donation box, please consider that we need to be able to identify you in order to provide a receipt. Cheques should be payable to: Holy Cross Australian Orthodox Mission, Inc. and may be given in person, deposited in the donation box, or sent to Holy Cross Mission postal address. Confidentiality assured.

* General information only. Seek proper professional advice regarding your circumstances.


Governance and Administration

Holy Cross Australian Orthodox Mission, Inc. was legally incorporated in Victoria, Australia on 23 January 2004. The Incorporated Association is comprised of: Mission Board, Registered Members, a constitution, and conducts Annual General Meetings.

A Registered Member is defined in the Constitution as a committed Orthodox Christian, who has applied to join Holy Cross, and agreed to live by the spiritual directives of the Church. Membership is not automatic.

The daily administrative affairs are managed by the Mission Board. All spiritual matters and major decisions are in accordance with the approval of the ruling Bishop. Any unforeseen matters that may arise are to be resolved in accordance with the Church Canons, and general rules of the Great Typikon.