Church Life

It is our desire that all feel welcome, and experience a sense of peace when they visit the Mission.

Our regular service times are published on this website, and we invite you to join us in these times of corporate worship. After Sunday services, most gather for refreshments, and visitors are encouraged to share this light brunch with us.

Holy Communion may be received by all Orthodox Christians who are in good standing with the Church. We recommend you approach the serving clergy well before the Divine Liturgy service commences, if you are unsure of your standing, or wish to receive the mysteries of Confession or Absolution. (We recommend and prefer that you make an appointment with clergy for Confession at a time other than Sunday morning, so as not to disrupt his preparations, or the continuity of the Services.)

Joining Holy Cross
One ‘joins’ Holy Cross by participating in our life, community, and especially the services of the Church. The Holy Cross community comprises people from many backgrounds and experiences, brought together by a common desire to worship the Living God in an Orthodox (right and meaningful) way, seeking a life of salvation and Godliness.

In other words, you ‘join’ by … joining in!

Becoming Orthodox
For those who come from other than an Orthodox Christian background, it is our earnest prayer and desire that through Holy Cross you would …taste and see that the Lord is Good… and start preparing yourself for joining with the Holy Orthodox Church. We encourage you to approach a member of Holy Cross or our serving clergy for guidance in this.

Holy Cross has prepared a number of helpful catechism (instructional) booklets to guide the enquirer.

A note regarding finances
We do not “take a collection” in any form during any of our services.

Holy Cross is reliant solely on God’s grace for its existence, including our financial needs. Our funding comes only from the free-will tithes, gifts, and offerings of its members, friends and benefactors. We receive no funding from government or other parts of the Church.

Audited financial reports are made available to members and other interested parties at the Annual General meeting.

Tax Deductibility
Holy Cross Australian Orthodox Mission, Inc., is a non-profit organisation and a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). This means that, all gifts to Holy Cross, of money, materials and in kind, are generally tax-deductible for Australian tax-payers* and a receipt will be provided for this purpose.

Cheques should payable to: Holy Cross Australian Orthodox Mission, Inc. and may be given in person, deposited in the donation box, or posted to the Mission.

If using the Mission’s donation box, please consider that we need to be able to identify you in order to provide a receipt. We suggest you include your name, or otherwise identify yourself to the Treasurer. Confidentiality assured.

*General information only. Seek proper professional advice regarding your particular circumstances.

Governance and Administration
Holy Cross Australian Orthodox Mission, Inc. was legally incorporated in Victoria, Australia on 23 January 2004.

The Incorporated Association is comprised of its Registered Members, has a Constitution, and an Annual General Meeting during which the Annual Reports are presented and office bearers are elected. The daily administrative affairs are managed by the Mission Board: Administrator, Secretary, and Treasurer, who are elected at the AGM from among the lay Members.

Any unforeseen matters that may arise are to be resolved according to the Church Canons [and general rules of the Great Typikon].

Registered Members are eligible to vote at General Meetings, hold formal office, and participate in the management of Holy Cross through authorised committees. Membership is not automatic. A Registered Member is defined in the Constitution as a committed Orthodox Christian who has applied to join the Incorporated Association, and has agreed to live by the Spiritual Directives of the Church. A copy of the Spiritual Directives may be obtained from the Administrator upon request.