July 2021

Exaltation of Cross Kontakion of the Cross, Tone 4
O Christ our God, you willingly accepted to be lifted on the Cross,
Giving your mercies to the new nation named after you;
Giving joy to Orthodox faithful.
And with your power you gave them victory over enemies.
~ May they have as an ally your Cross the invincible trophy,
the weapon of peace.

Services and Other Activities at Holy Cross
July 2021

updated 16JUL2021

Except as noted, Services are at Camden House, 1st floor.
Address: The Campion Centre, 99 Studley Park Road, Kew.
Entry is from Hodgson Street, Kew. Once inside the car park, Camden House is on the right.

For all those who desire to join us in worship, we advise that they should arrive before the Services begin. Camden House is a large building and we are on the 1st floor; the front door will be closed at commencement of services, and late access will not be possible.

Sunday 4 July
8:30am      Midnight Office, 6th Hour, Typica

Sunday 11 July
9:00am      Midnight Office, 6th Hour, Typica

Sunday 18 July
Services at our own homes again, due to government directive.
Members and friends are invited to English-language services at the Church of St Paul and St Irene, 15 Rose Street, Hawthorn East, Melbourne.
8:30am      Midnight Office, Divine Liturgy

Sunday 25 July
9:00am      Midnight Office, 6th Hour, Typica
TBA – pending update to government directive.

REPSONSE TO COVID-19: Orthodox Christians cannot be prevented from prayer, wherever they may be, and whatever circumstances they find themselves in. This has always been so. When travelling, confined through illness, or impeded by law or the audacity of an oppressor, there are times when Christians cannot meet for public worship.

Members and friends of Holy Cross are encouraged to continue services at home, and in their normal family setting, when unable to attend formal services due to civil restrictions.  This has been the norm for many Orthodox faithful through the ages, and the Services themselves routinely provide for this.

The Mission continues to send out the weekly propers (variables) and canons by email. Copies of any and all of the Services and canons are available upon request, by post or via a collection point in Heidelberg. Please contact Holy Cross Administrator – see the Contact page.

The Administrator can also facilitate contact with supporting clergy, should you have the need.