Services and Clergy

All of our services are in contemporary English; our liturgical texts are translated from the original Greek texts of the Apostoliki Diaconia of the Church of Greece, printed in Athens 1964, and cross-referenced with the text of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, printed in Jerusalem 1892.

Holy Cross is a quasi-monastic community directly under the spiritual guidance and protection of Metropolitan Fotios of Demetrias, an Athonite of Esfigmenou monastery. Our Father Metropolitan Fotios is a member of the Holy Synod of the Church of the G.O.C. of Greece.


As in all monastic communities, the Church comes together and worships God in an Orthodox manner, through the day and throughout the week. The services are conducted by missioners.

Subdeacon Alan is a member of the Mission and faithfully serves at many of the weekly services.

Due to limited availability of our temporary home, the Croxton Uniting Church hall, we are not presently able to follow the full daily cycle of services from Monday – Friday.

We therefore follow a limited calendar of services, starting with Great Vespers on Saturday evening. Sunday mornings begin with the Midnight Office, Sixth Hour and followed by the Divine Liturgy.(Substituting Typica and Entreaty, when a priest is not available.)

This is expanded to include the yearly cycle of Festal and Memorial services, and other services as the need arises.

(Refer Latest News for variations and up-to-date information for any particular week.)


We take this opportunity to acknowledge the many clergy who have served at and supported Holy Cross over the years, and those who continue to do so today. Glory to God!