Weekly Variables Email

During the last month, our emails have been rejected by Hotmail, Live.com, and Outlook.com, which are ALL Microsoft products. Our emails have now also been rejected by Yahoo. These carriers have labelled our Propers (variables) as ‘inappropriate content’.

We are still receiving all email, and it would appear that only our outgoing emails carrying the variables are subject to rejection. We are in the process of engaging a new platform to send our content.

For all those who use the above mentioned carriers, we can suggest using Gmail, or any other carrier, to receive the weekly Propers. Once you have started your new account, send us an email and we shall add your new domain to our sending list.

In the interim, you may or may not receive our Weekly Propers via other temporary email carriers which we are using for now. Should you not receive the Propers, please look in your spam folder, and then add our domain name to your ‘Approved List’ of emails.

If you are affected by this and require further assistance, please contact the Administrator (administrator@holycrossmission.melbourne).