This Week (13-20 March)

Exaltation of Cross Kontakion of the Cross, ToneĀ 4
O Christ our God, you willingly accepted to be lifted on the Cross,
Giving your mercies to the new nation named after you;
Giving joy to Orthodox faithful.
And with your power you gave them victory over enemies.
~ May they have as an ally your Cross the invincible trophy,
the weapon of peace.

Services and Other Activities at the Mission
For the week commencing Sunday 13 March (civil).

Our most gracious benefactors, the owners of the Mission building, are allowing us to continue performing our daily services in Mission house, pending our next steps.

(The final official service of Holy Cross at Mission House on Spring Street, was the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 31 January.

See separate announcement, here.)

Monday – Friday Although our regular schedule of services has officially finished, we still meet for evening prayers (9th Hour, Vespers, Small Compline) at about 4.30pm, Monday-Friday.

Saturday This Saturday [20th March] Divine Liturgy at 8.30am, with Fr Andrei.
And, starting at 4:30pm, 6th & 9th Hours, Great Vespers & Compline.

Sunday We are open at the normal time on Sunday morning, 9am-noon, for Midnight Office and Typica, with the reading of the Synodikon of Orthodoxy & Procession of icons. This will be followed by a light fellowship brunch in the trapeza. All welcome.

The mission community would value your continued prayer, as we seek direction on our new home.