This Week (7-14 Feb)

Exaltation of Cross Kontakion of the Cross, ToneĀ 4
O Christ our God, you willingly accepted to be lifted on the Cross,
Giving your mercies to the new nation named after you;
Giving joy to Orthodox faithful.
And with your power you gave them victory over enemies.
~ May they have as an ally your Cross the invincible trophy,
the weapon of peace.

Services and Other Activities at the Mission
For the week commencing Sunday 7 February (civil).

This week, the Mission will be open from 9am – 4pm, Monday-Thursday, for private prayer and bookshop.

We will be cleaning and packing, and although our services have officially finished, there’s nothing to prevent us taking a break to do the Hours!

We will also be open at the normal time on Sunday morning, 9am-noon.

(The final official service of Holy Cross at Mission House on Spring Street, was the Divine Liturgy on Sunday 31 January.

See separate announcement, here.)