This Week (28 Dec-4 Jan)

Services and other activities at the Mission

Week starting Sunday 28 December 2014. (civil calendar)

The Mission will be closed on weekdays this week; Weekend services are as normal. Feast of the Nativity will be celebrated with services commencing on the morning of January 6th (civil calendar).

Fr Raffaele requests that any seeking the sacraments, including Confession and Absolution, approach him on Saturday evening after Great Vespers, on Sunday after the completion of services, or at other times by appointment. 


Monday 29 December
Mission closed


Tuesday Mission closed


Wednesday  Mission closed


Thursday  Mission closed


Friday  Mission closed


5.00 pm 9th Hour, Great Vespers


Sunday 4 January
8.30 am Sunday Matins, 1st Hour
Divine Liturgy

Services for the Feast of Nativity will be held on 6th Jan (morning and evening) and 7th January (morning). This will be updated with details shortly.