Lenten Message from Mission Board

Dear Mission family and Friends,

As we enter the season of the Great Fast, we pray that we arrive to see the glorious day of Resurrection of the Lord – Pascha!

Brethren, let us purify ourselves,
from all stain of flesh and spirit.
Let us illumine the light of our souls with love of poverty.
Let us not slander one another with curses!
For the time has come when the Bridegroom
gives to each according to his works.
Let us greet Christ with the wise virgins,
crying out to him with the words of the Robber:
~ Remember us Lord, when you come into your Kingdom!

[Apostiha, Vesper, Friday of Cheese Week, Tone 2]

The Mission doors continue to be open and be the only Orthodox witness and presence in the CBD of Melbourne.

To accommodate the large volume of people who are now coming to the Mission during week days, we have decided that the Mission will be open every day, except Friday during the entire season of Lent.

People can come and worship with us, light candles, or sit and receive the Peace of the Holy Spirit that comes from our divine hymnody of the Church.

We are also aware that many come to the Mission between the Services and this has opened an opportunity ‘to man the Mission’ on Tuesdays.

We ask the faithful who have expressed a desire to keep the doors open and welcome people as they enter the Mission, to contact one of the Mission Board members and place their names on the roster.

7.00 am Matins & 1st Hour
12.30 pm 3rd Hour & Entreaty
5.30 pm 6th Hour; 9th Hour; & Vespers


And on behalf of the entire Mission family, we the members of the Board, ask every person that we may have offended, to forgive us sinners.

Our hymnody and prayers at the Mission rise early to anticipate the Lord, and end the day with hymnody and prayer.

The resilience and strength of the Mission family to continue in its vision and work in the Vineyard of the Lord, has proven to be astounding and humbling.

To God be the glory.
On behalf of the Mission,

Stephen Atsis

Holy Cross Orthodox Mission