An English-speaking Orthodox Church; a worshipping community living the Faith of our Fathers – proclaiming the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church for all Australians in the language of the nation: English.

Exaltation of Cross
Kontakion of the Cross, Tone 4
O Christ our God, you willingly accepted to be lifted on the Cross,
giving your mercies to the new nation named after you, [Wisdom of Seirah 36:11]
giving joy to your Orthodox people,
and with your power you, give them victory over their enemies.
May they have as an ally your Cross; the invincible trophy your weapon of peace.

How to Find Us

Address: Services are at Camden House, 1st floor.
The Campion Centre, 99 Studley Park Road, Kew.

Entry is from Hodgson Street. Once inside the car park, Camden House is on the right. Those desiring to join us in worship should arrive before the Services begin. Camden House is a large building and we are on the 1st floor.


At the end of the Services we gather for Trapeza, where we enjoy finger food and drinks. This is a time for both church family and seekers to come together for open discussion and some Q&A time.

Come and see.